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Breeding Projects

One of the most wonderful things about the Petz games is the complex genetic system and all the wonderful combinations of petz it can produce! I remember long days spent impatiently waiting for my beloved petz to have their babies... but now thanks to the wonder of technology (aka the hard work of many members of this community), breeding is faster than ever before, making high-generation breeding projects more accessible and fun than ever!

Click the buttons below to learn a bit more about my breeding projects!


Thinking of starting your own project? Here are some useful resources to help you get started!

Genepoolz by Reflet @ Yabiko - check the genetics of your petz

LNZ Pro by Sherlock Software - check inbreeding, ancestors, owners, and family trees

NIB Tree Spreadsheet by Crush @ Crushing Petz - a template to organize NIB projects

PetzA by Sherlock Software - instant breeding and aging-up

Petz Genetics Guide by Crush @ Crushing Petz - useful information on Petz genetics and breeding

Guide to Sensible Breeding Projects by Amanda @ Cargo - a chart showing breeding project family tree setup

PetzA Fork by Prism Mirror Lens @ The Rat Shack- batch breeding, automatic aging, and the ability to send all petz to door

Breeding Project Resources

Other Breeding Projects

Be sure to check out these other awesome NIB breeding project pages! Got a project page you want linked? Just drop me an email or a DM on Discord and I'll add you to the list!

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