Find-it games are a Petz site tradition that's still popular today! These silly little scavenger hunts will have you searching high and low to find the missing items, but don't worry, you're always rewarded with a prize or two. Care to test out your detective skills with these fun find-it games?

Catch the Stamp Thief!

Do you like stamps as much as I do? There are some stamps you can collect on the Stamps page-- but what's this? It looks like one of them is missing! Someone naughty must have hidden one of my stamps somewhere on the site! Could you help me find the lost stamp and catch the stamp thief?


Where is Dapper's Top Hat?

Something's wrong with this picture, but I can't put my finger on it. Dapper's looking very dapper indeed with his monocle and mustache... but where's his top hat? Oh no! He must have lost it somewhere around here! If you find a lone top hat on one of these pages, could you return it to Dapper so he'll look as spiffy as can be? If you can find it, you'll get a small graphic award to display on your site!

Four Hidden Stamps


It seems like these four pupz are always up to something! Chalcedony, Myth, Mr. Moo, and Dapper were looking at my stamp collection when they decided they wanted a collection of their own. They hid their own mini-collection of four stamps somewhere on the site, so only the most intrepid of Petz site-searchers can collect them. Can you find my mischievous companions' stamps?

Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle

Welcome to Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle, a find-it game with a poetic twist!


In order to find the 10 Poetry Puzzle stamps, you'll have to decipher the clues inside my bad poetry and find the stamps hidden in ~secret places~ around the site! Each stamp you find will come with a poem leading you to the next stamp. I guess it's possible to find stamps by clicking random things until a stamp appears, but this way is way more fun! Will you be able to find all 10 stamps and solve Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle?

Here's your first poem below. Good luck!

The game starts with the first stamp,

The stamp to start it all!

If you want to find this first stamp,

You must look for someone small.