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Hex Archive

My humble hex archive to organize, archive, and show off my hexed files. It's pretty small right now, but hopefully it will keep growing as I keep hexing!

Hexed Pet Rules

I'm chill with pretty much anything! Feel free to rename, switch sex, or send on playdates. If you'd like to peek at lnz to see how I did something, feel free to do that too, just please don't copy code. If you no longer want the pet, please send back to me or MPA to a friend. If you'd like anything changed, like eye color or fur color, just feel free to ask!

Available - I'm still making more of them, so please feel free to request a trade! I love hexies as well as bred petz and any type of art!

Limited - Not giving out very many of these!

Retired - Made for a specific event in limited quantities; no more will be given out.

Cozy January Dalis

Hexed January 2021

A cozy, fluffy friend to snuggle up with this January-- or any time!



Tiny Ancient Treasure Dalis

Hexed April 2021

A geometric shortie in earthenware or metallic colors! Donated to the PUGS gem shop.



Summer Meadow Dachies

Hexed July 2021

A great big dachie in wildflower colors to remind you of the beauty of summer.



Winter Wonders Dachies


Hexed November 2021

A festive recolor of my Summer Meadow Dachie for Whiskerwick's 2021 Advent Calendar. Comes in Golden or Holiday colors!



Dappled Domino Dachies

Hexed June 2024

A topsy-turvy, dappled halfie file! Hexed for Petz Life Discord torch adoptions.


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