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Meet  Dapper...

Dapper is one of the first dogz I bred in P5 when I redownloaded the game in my teens, and the only one of my petz to survive my crash in 2018. He was converted using PetFlux, so he can now play in my new game! His wonderful, playful personality has earned him his place as my pixelated best friend. He was a favorite in my old game, and he's still my best buddy now and my official mascot on everything. He's even got art!

petz0 (2).png
petz0 (4).png
petz1 (4).png

... and  meet Mr. Moo!

When I first saw Mr. Moo, I think I started laughing because he looks so much like a cow. I accidentally bred a cow! I love his chubby body and floppy sheepdog personality. His hobbies include sleeping, barking at nothing, and sprawling on the ground.

petz0 (3).png

They  hate  each  other...

I really, really, wanted Dapper and Mr. Moo to be best buddies. I thought they would get along great; they're both fluffy, funloving goofballs! But it was hate at first sight. Despite my many attempts to get them to like each other, they are locked in an immortal battle of angry eyebrows too complex for anyone but them to fully understand. Dapper has been trying to play with Moo lately, but Mr. Moo is as angry as he is fluffy.

petz3 (3).png
petz6 (2).png

... but I  love  them  both!

Maybe one day Mr. Moo and Dapper will end their feud and become friends, but for now, I'm just happy to have them both as my favorite pixelated pupz in the whole world. 

Photo Gallery

Because everyone needs an online photo gallery of their favorite petz looking silly.

petz20 (3).png
petz52 (2).png
petz43 (2).png
petz41 (2).png
petz35 (2).png
petz33 (2).png
petz32 (2).png
petz26 (3).png
petz11 (2).png
petz17 (4).png
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