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Welcome  to Just Dandy!

Just Dandy is a little corner of the internet dedicated to the charming creatures from the wonderful 90s computer game Petz 4. I'm Penny, previously of Lucky Penny Kennels, here with my handsome boy Dapper and his mortal enemy, the nefarious Mr. Moo. We're so glad you stopped by!


Take a look around, make yourself at home, grab some graphics, and don't forget to give my petz a few pats on the way out. Thanks for visiting Just Dandy!


12/02/2022 - Updated hexed petz profiles with a new friend; updated show awards

Latest Update

Recent Update Log

12/02/2022 - Updated Art & Gifts with a lovely holiday card!

12/01/2022 - New site colors, new seasonal stamps; updated stamp collection, stamp archive, links

11/23/2022 - Updated crew with some new cuties!

11/15/2022 - Updated crew, show awards, links; new pig, bunny, and mouse Petzy Pixel bases!

11/10/2022 - Updated crew profiles with some new friends; updated stamps, show awards

11/07/2022 - Updated hexed petz profiles, adoptions, stamps, show awards, links

10/25/2022 - Updated crew with a new, cleaner layout

10/24/2022 - New Petzy Pixels page for all your petz-themed pixel art base needs!

10/21/2022 - Big update! Revamped logo, site graphics (including gifs!), new Dapper & Moo page, new link buttons, and a new Find-It with three new stamps!

10/19/2022 - Updated stamp collection, cliques, links

Seasonal Stamps

Winter is here!!! I know everyone loves fall, but winter is my favorite season. It has so many things to love! Hot cocoa, ice skating, snowmen, sledding, cookie baking days, snowball fights... it might be a little chilly, but the cozy spirit of the season will keep you warm. Here are some stamps to help you celebrate winter!


Clockwise from top: Golden Ring (Pinto), Slumberparty (Kitsune), Taiga (neonglowify @ Cadenza), Wistful (Bec), Yuki (Penny @ Just Dandy) and Eventide (Bec) are ready to celebrate the season!


Design and original graphics by me. Hosted by Wix. © 2025 by Penny @ Just Dandy

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