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Just Dandy is a little corner of the internet dedicated to the charming creatures from the wonderful 90s computer game Petz 4. I'm Penny, previously of Lucky Penny Kennels, and the handsome orange gentleman you see frolicking around on this site's pages is my good friend Dapper. We're so glad you stopped by! Take a look around, make yourself at home, and don't forget to give Dapper a few pats on the way out.

A quick note: I'm in grad school, and while I love it, it's a lot of work. Updates here vary based on my current workload!

Latest Update

11/20/2021 - another crew update!

Recent Update Log

11/17/2021 - back from a long break and updated crew, stamps, and hex archive!

07/29/2021 - updated crew, stamps, and hex archive with my brand new Summer Meadow Dachies!

07/27/2021 - updated adoptions, stamps (of course), awards

07/21/2021 - I'm bankrupting myself for stamps and have been adding them here over the last week

07/14/2021 - updated crew, plus even more stamps


The spiffy monocle and mustache set you see Dapper and his friends wearing can be downloaded from Gossipin!

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