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Lucky Penny Kennels is Closed.

Lucky Penny Kennels, or LPK, was a Dogz 5 kennel founded in 2013 by Penny/luckypenny as a way to display and keep track of her beloved pixelated petz. After the failure of her laptop and the loss of nearly all of her petz files, Penny decided to switch from Petz 5 to Petz 4 so she could continue playing the game on her new computer. To mark this change, Penny retired LPK to begin a new Petz site, Just Dandy.


An archival version of the LPK website remains so that people following old links to this site can find their way to Just Dandy. If you currently link to Lucky Penny Kennels on your site, please update your links!


Also on this site are several remnants of the original LPK site, mostly for Penny's personal reference. Please feel free to browse through them, and enjoy your time on what's left of Lucky Penny Kennels.

Penny the Person

Penny the Person

Penny discovered the Petz games when she was about seven and joined the online Petz Community when she was about sixteen. Her name comes from the name of her favorite pet, Penny the dalmatian, who you can read about below. Penny's favorite Petz breed is the dalmatian and her favorite Petz toy is the P5 plush unicorn.

Outside of Petz, Penny is a Biology student with hopes of making the world a better place. She enjoys reading, writing, D&D, digital and traditional drawing, playing with real dogs, and spending way too much time online.

Penny the Dog

Penny the Dog

The names of both Lucky Penny Kennels and Penny herself both come from one wonderful dog: the original Penny. Penny was the first dog adopted when LPK opened its virtual doors, and her sweet, caring personality set her apart.

Penny and the other original LPK dogz were lost in a computer crash in 2014. LPK rebooted in 2017, proudly bearing Penny's name as a way to remember the dog that started it all. Even though Penny was a first-generation dog who didn't win any shows, barely knew any tricks, and didn't make spectacular pupz, Penny's happiness will always be remembered as the thing that shaped Lucky Penny Kennels.

Tarnished Pennies

Tarnished Pennies

Sadly, Penny has lost many dogz over the years due to file crashes and computer malfunctions, demonstrating the importance for all Petz players to back up their files. The dogz below are fondly remembered as what made LPK so fun.

Penny was the original LPK dog. Adopted sometime in 2013, Penny had a part in creating a majority of LPK's original bred crew. Sweet and playful, Penny rightfully has a place in LPK history. She was lost in a crash in 2014.



Ananaza was a purebred dalmatian beloved for her double mutations, including her lovely cream coat, and sweet personality. While she never made it far as a show dog, she was a wonderful companion. She was lost in a crash in 2014.

LPK's Little Gold And Silver


While mixed-breed Scout didn't have the best show pose, she was still LPK's most successful show dog, earning the title of Master Grand Champion while in the show ring. She was lost in a crash in 2014.

LPK's Summer Aphrodite

Silly, playful Dapper was known to be the friendliest dog at LPK, always ready to do a trick or play a game of fetch. He is the only LPK dog to survive the 2018 computer crash due to an external backup, and now can be found at Just Dandy!

LPK's What A Gentleman

Anastasia, named after lookalike Ananaza, was LPK's most successful show dogz, reaching Ultimate Grand Champion status during her time in the show ring. She was lost in a crash in 2018.

LPK's Lost Anachronism

A friendly, ready-to-please nature and striking dark green eyes meant Ari was a wonderful show dog, but he was also a beloved friend. He loved to run around and play with any and all toys. He was lost in a crash in 2018.

LPK's Storm Over Ontario

It seems like every Petz crew has a diva, and LPK's was Romeo. He loved to strut his stuff, work his angles, and flash those pink eyes at the camera. He was lost in a crash in 2018.

LPK's By Any Other Name

Kara was unique not just for her lovely orange eyes, hidden spots, and sweet temperment, but because she was descended from one of the only dogz to survive the 2014 file crash. Sadly, Kara herself was lost in a crash in 2018.

LPK's My Last Match

Show Dog Spotlight

Show Dog Spotlight

When Lucky Penny Kennels closed its doors in 2018, there were many LPK show dogz ready to enter the ring that couldn't after the crash. This collection of some of these unused poses is dedicated to the many lovely show dogz at LPK that never got their time in the spotlight.


LPK's Under Golden Trees

Call Name: Elliot

LPK's Breathless Speechless

Call Name: Risa

LPK's Candies And Almonds

Call Name: Delight


LPK's Lady Of The Forest

Call Name: Orielen


LPK's Case Of The Hiccups

Call Name: Hikka


LPK's The Impossible Child

Call Name: Nomad


Old-Fashioned Find-Its

Find-It games are a staple on many classic Petz sites, and in its heyday Lucky Penny Kennels had a total of eight find-it games. Below is a collection of some of the graphic awards and hidden stamps that could be found on LPK. Since these are retired, all have watermarks and are not for collection.

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