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Adopt & Request

If you're looking to adopt a pet or request a litter from Just Dandy, you're in the right place! Since PUGS sadly went offline in June 2020, I've decided to start hosting adoptions and requests on my site. Who knows if it'll get any traction at all, but I might as well try, right? I hope you're able to find a new friend here today!

For breeding requests, I'll breed at least 5 pupz for you from my crew petz, doing my best to get the traits you want if possible. You can take as many as you'd like! Any leftovers will be put up for adoption below.

You can send your requests to or contact me on Discord (look for Penny in the Petz servers), where I would probably see it faster.


Assume all petz to be P4, inbred, OB, and un-hexed/brexed unless specified.

Showing is encouraged! My prefix is Dandy; please keep it somewhere in the show name.

Feel free to do any breeding, hexing, brexing, etc.

If you no longer want the pet, please MPA, delete, or send them back to me. Please don't resell!


 Breeding Request Form

Your name:



Traits you like:

Traits you don't like:

Litter Adoptions

Here are all the Just Dandy litters up for adoption! Pupz are all shown at age 30; sexes are listed next to their names (if that matters to you). Adopted petz have their names and photos grayed out. Litters are removed when all petz are adopted. If there are no petz here, try stopping by later or requesting a litter!


The rules for bred petz are the same as above. For hexed petz, playdates, renaming, and changing sex are okay, but please don't delete (return or MPA instead) and please don't copy code.


If you'd like to adopt, please send me your name, email, and which pet(z) you'd like! Thanks for adopting, and I hope you have a great time with your new friend!

No litters right now! Check back later or request a pairing!


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