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Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle

Hooray, you found the ninth stamp in Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle!


Of course Penny, my first dog once I got involved in the PC, gets a stamp in this find-it game! I got my username from her and my old site name from her, so I think giving her a stamp is the least I can do. Her file might be lost, but I'll always remember her. After all, you never forget your first pet.



Here's the next clue to bring you to stamp ten, the last stamp! Good luck!

And with the tenth the hunt is over!

For the tenth stamp hereabouts,

Just do what dippy Dapper does;

Even gentlemen derp it out!

If you're confused about what this is, you can read more about Penny's Perplexing Poetry Puzzle and join the hunt here!

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