I used to love playing games on Petz sites back in the day! Who's ready to play?

Looking for my collection of find-it awards? Check out the Find-It Awards page!

Catch the Stamp Thief!

Do you like stamps as much as I do? There are some stamps you can collect on the Stamps page-- but what's this? It looks like one of them is missing! Someone naughty must have hidden one of my stamps somewhere on the site! Could you help me find the lost stamp and catch the stamp thief?

Where is Dapper's Top Hat?

Something's wrong with this picture, but I can't put my finger on it. Dapper's looking very dapper indeed with his monocle and mustache... but where's his top hat? Oh no! He must have lost it somewhere around here! If you find a lone top hat on one of these pages, could you return it to Dapper so he'll look as spiffy as can be? If you can find it, you'll get a small graphic award to display on your site!

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