About Just Dandy

Just Dandy was founded in November of 2018 after the unfortunate death of my computer led to the decision to switch versions from Petz 5, which I had previously played, to Petz 4. This resulted in the unfortunate loss of my old crew, but I'm happy for the fresh start Just Dandy provides.

About Dapper

The inspiration for Just Dandy comes from my pixelated best pal, Dapper. Dapper is a P5 dog bred by me under my old kennel name, Lucky Penny Kennels. I loved him immediately for his striking blue eyes, his lovely orange fur, and his curly poodle coat, but it soon became clear that his personality is what made him stand out the most. Dapper set himself apart by being the silliest, friendliest, most playful dog in my crew.


I managed to bring Dapper into Just Dandy by copying his P5 lnz file into a P4 file, "cloning" him so he can keep on playing in my new game. Later, when the amazing Reflet created a P5 to P4 converter, I finally managed to bring the real Dapper into my new game!

You can learn more about Dapper and his friends at Just Dandy on the Companions page!

About Me

Hello! I'm Lucky Penny, Penny for short. I'm a 90s kid with dreams of studying nature and making a difference in the world. Petz 5 was my favorite Christmas gift from when I was about 7, and I've been playing it on and off ever since. In addition to Petz, I like reading, writing, D&D, digital and traditional drawing, playing with real dogs, spending way too much time online, and hiding things where I think no one will find them.

You can contact me at lukkypenniedal@hotmail.com or by looking for Penny or luckypenny on RKC, Whiskerwick, PUGS, TFM, Duke's Group, or the Petz discords!

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